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We established the plant in Mexico and we supply parts directly to the plant Mazda in Mexico (MMVO).

Along with establishment of MMVO Mazda, Kawada installed its plant in Mexico in October 2013 to be able to produce and assemble within Mexico.
At the plant in Mexico began with Knuckle, Rear hub support, Bush bracket which are used for Axela and Demio, also “Crankshaft” which is one of the main components of the engine.
By introducing the same national line of chassis parts, we have a system whereby we can correspond immediately in case of an imperfect happen. Also, Kawada used on the Crankshaft, the technologies obtained so far, trying to improve the way easy to control and maintain.


Mexico base appearance
  • Mexico factory
    Address Avenida Mineral de Valenciana No.621
    Parque Industrial Santa Fe IV,
    C.P.36275 Silao, Guanajuato,
    TEL 52-472-103-9500
    Site area 30,000m2
    Factory area 11,500m2


Product list


  • Product list

    Crankshaft Line (Total length about 200m)

Production Capacity

Processing line Quantity Monthly Production
Crankshaft line 2 25,000
Rear Hub Support Line 2 30,000
Knuckle line 4 40,000
Hanger Bracket Line 1 40,000
Bush bracket line 1 30,000

Employee benefits / Training

Conducts social contribution activities in Mexico, striving in wellness programs such as anniversary parties and futsal in the plant and not to mention employers training.

  • Celebration of the 6th anniversary

    Celebration of the 6th anniversary.

  • Training


  • Futsal club

    Futsal club

Job Vacancies

Please call the following number for information job vacancies of KAWADA MX.

 Tel: +52-472-103-9500
 Mail: postmaster@mxkawada.com