Kawada Corporation Kawada Corporation


Principle basic environmental.

Kawada tries to make good parts for the environment. In order to work in harmony with “People” and “Society”.

Guideline action

  • 1.Comply with the agreements, regulations and legislation relating to the environment.
  • 2.As important points of target and environmental target, comply with the following activities.

    Supply of products committed to the environment, along with the development of technology.
    Promoting the economization of resources(reduce depletion of natural resources)and energy (reduce amount of energy use).
    Effective utilization and reducing the amount of waste discharge (waste oil, water, faults within the process, etc.) occurred in daily activities.

    Also, we carry out these activities periodically reviews trying to prevent environmental pollution, and there is the continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
  • 3.Inform environmental policy to all personnel working in Kawada, to try to raise environmental awareness through objectives and environmental training and aiming to be a company which steps together with local residents.

In order to be in harmony with the planet and environment

Environmental maintenance activities.

Kawada, after obtaining the approval of ISO 14001, based on ISO 14001 for more than 10 years, we have as objective to be a company committed with the environment to do so, we carry out periodic reviews and work in environmental maintenance activities such as save resources and energy and reduce waste.
Also, especially care for the health and safety of the worker. Not to mention the disaster prevention measures, we work to create a working environment comfortable and safe without accidents.

Regional contribution activities.

  • We rent a sport field to small groups of baseball leagues for kids.
  • Traffic safety activities.

With initiative, we carry out activities of donations periodic to organizations of persons with disabilities, we rent a sport field to small groups of baseball leagues for kids, communication with the community through traffic safety activities and continue daily with the regional contribution activities.