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Drive Engine Parts list
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  • 01Crankshaft


    It is one of the main components of the engine and can change the rotation of the movement up and down the piston. In one minute rotates a several thousand times and if vibrate a little affect enough, so it needs a high precision.

  • 02Hanger Bracket

    Hanger Bracket

    It is a one of the components pieces of the engine. It is a piece of escape which is mounted on the engine and the gearbox.

  • 03Companion Flange

    Companion Flange

    It is a piece to connect shaft drive and propeller shaft that transmits power from the motor rotation.

  • 04Propeller shaft

    Propeller shaft

    It is a piece that is installed in the center of the lower part of the vehicle and transmits the rotational force from the engine to rear wheel axle.