Kawada Corporation Kawada Corporation

Process of machining and Assembly with high precision that offers high quality.

Machining and processing of the form polyhedron, complex form of peculiar automobile chassis parts are specialty of Kawada.
Starting with NCL, M/C we respond to the processing of small quantities parts and abundant types and production of large quantities parts and several types according to the machinery for processing of each type of a total of 800 machines.
Starting with the assembly and processing of the propeller shaft, joint shaft (intermediate shaft), process of arm, we carry out assembly of each type.

01Propeller shaft

As important part of the product, is put as emphasis of quality assurance in the training of employees. The propeller shaft is a unit that transmits power to the wheel, rotating at high speed the engine output.
Kawada forged the yoke, flange which are assembled to the propeller shaft.
According to the pressure welding technology are introduced to the tube, and in the area of carbon tubes, we carry out welding by friction of different materials. The propeller shaft, as this assembly by several people, from the point of view of safety and quality assurance in Kawada performed daily workshops to improve skills and knowledge of the staff.

02Wheel hub

We focus on important parts of security with relation to driver’s life. Kawada, deliver at month 580 thousand pieces on wheel of inner and outer wheels as wheel hub to three bearing manufacturers.
The wheel hub is an important piece of safety in relation to the life of the driver which is processed in the 36 automatic lines with a total of 140 thousand machines and process with much care, especially treatment thermal and external quality.

03Hub support

We respond flexibly to different types of models on a single line by proposing efficiency. Kawada focuses on the standardization of equipment and flexible production.
Hub support, is representative of this,by standardizing the seat base, built a mechanism to be able to correspond to different types of models, with which we process more than 10 types of models in 8 lines that produce 130 thousand pieces per month.
Looking for ways to keep the amount of production quickly and reliably, and based on continuous, we strive to reduce load to the staff performing automation as transport slippers.

Possession Line

Possessing line Quantity
Wheel hub line 25
Hub support line 8
Knuckle line 4
Processing line Quantity
Propeller shaft line 3
Companion Line 3
Bush Bracket Line 2

Possessing device

Classify Device Quantity
Lather Horizontal mold 170
Vertical mold 19
Grinder Cylinder / angular grinder 30
Heat Treatment Induction Hardening 16
Classify Device Quantity
Machining #40 Horizontal mold 62
#50 Horizontal mold 38
#30 Vertical mold 18
#40 Vertical mold 25
#50 Vertical mold 4