Kawada Corporation Kawada Corporation

Providing 100% reliable products according to the joint development system with the automobile manufacturers.

Kawada develops and manufactures forging molds, jigs, special machines and others in the company.
The development technology of Kawada, starting from built of information network based on the reliable in a relationship with the automobile manufacturers, achieving the area detailed such as the manufacture of products for high quality, short delivery and low-cost.
Material selection that match the characteristics of the product (forging, casting, aluminum), forms of the product according to 3D-CAD, verification of shape mold according to the analysis of mechanism, verification of resistance according to the linear analysis and not linear, plan of weight reduction, tests of resistance per unit of product. We deliver products of confidence and pride to 100% manufactured and verified in our company.


As goal of weight reduction, propose a complex form of 1g. Kawada, for the weight reduction as absolutely necessary in the manufacture of automobiles, works with passion in “down even 1 g”.
For example, about the form of the chassis parts, a molding is made that has as production requirements an ease of processing and use. In the part of “with an ease of processing” that links an efficient process, form of the material which can be controlled the Burr etc.,and Kawada puts into practice all their lessons learned. Keeping the progress of their faculties Kawada will continue with its challenges of weight reduction.

02Line Construction

Progressing with automation, build an efficient line. The line construction puts as a basis the processing order to be able to manufacture efficient and accurate parts.
Kawada, looking for the way to keep the amount of production with safety and quickly on the line that uses heavy objects as hub support, and based on continuous, we strive to reduce load to the staff performing automation as transport slippers.

03Mold design

Using special analysis software is designed hot forging mold. In hot forging, are manufactured products shaping with the press and mold, the heated material to 1200 degrees. Kawada, in the phase of mold design, introduces the conditions into the computer with analysis software specialized in heating which is called CAE and seeks a suitable mold making simulations. Using CAD and CAM, model of 3-dimensional mold is prepared and we design our manufactures processing mold in our plant. Putting in mind, the lengthening of the mold life that can forge 5000pieces can forge 5100 pieces and so continually defying the proposal to raise productivity and lowering the cost.

04Mold manufacturing

Manufacturing all forging molds products in our company is possible a lower cost in a short period of time with high quality. Kawada manufacturing all the forging molds in the plant of our company.
Implements with initiative the machines of cutting process and with respect to the molds creation we have as objective the automation and labor saving.

Development / analysis devices

Classify Quantity
High end 3D CAD 4
Forging / deformation processing simulation 1
Not linear analysis 1
Classify Quantity
Non-contact 3D Digitizer 1
Infrared Thermo graphic device 1

Possessing device

Classify Device Quantity
Machining Horizontal mold 2
Vertical mold 2
5 axis machining center 2
Graphite processing vertical machining center 1
CNC jig machine 4
Classify Device Quantity
NC lather Horizontal mold 11
Vertical mold 2
Grinder Plane surface 2
Interior 1
CNC universal cylindrical grinder 1