Kawada Corporation Kawada Corporation

We perform quality assurance in all fields from conception to production under ISO /TS16949 quality management system.

Quality basic policy

  • We implement quality activities based on TS16949 effectively and efficiently, improve the effectiveness of the quality management continuously and enhance the quality assurance ability.
  • With the passion for manufacturing and sincerity for customer, we grasp expectation and requirement of customer quickly and reflect them, and provide high quality products.
  • Through necessary education, training and enlightenment activity, all employees strive to self-improvement, and we become a group which abounds in originality and ingenuity.

Quality assurance system

ISO/TS16949 as the basis for the automotive industry quality system standard was established the policy of quality and we all join to manufacturing with the Mission of offering the customer a good product.
It has built a system of production with efficiency and stable quality according to production experience accumulated from the verification of design / evaluation of evidence from the moment of conception of the product, to reach mass production at the end of verification of process design.
In production, according to manufacturing in the line of manufacture, controlling the minimum variation in the manufacturing line and at the same time respecting the standard of assurance of the process (control plan) established in each product and according to change 4M (Man, Machine, Material, Method), predict in advance machinery and products, in order to prevent occurrence of abnormalities. Also, ensure the quality of the product according to the control of traceability requires synchronized system of information of the history of the product and components, batch control that control each batch from the purchase of products to the delivery.

Gauges / Testers

Device Quantity
Coordinate Measuring Machine (automatic / manual) 5
Form measure Machine 2
Roughness measuring Machine 3
Roundness Measuring Machine 1
Metallurgical microscope 2
Torsion fatigue Tester 1
Bending fatigue Tester 1
Machine unversal Amsler 1
Image measuring instrument 1
Autographic 1
Device Quantity
Hardness machine Ether Tester 1
Micro Vickers 1
Vickers 1
Brinell 2
Rockwell 3
Mounting presses 2
Automatic polisher 2
Precision cutter 5
Microscope 2